3 Benefits of a Healthy Lunch

More and more people across America and other countries are opting for Middle Eastern meals on their plates. The eclectic ingredients and vegetable-based specialties in Middle Eastern Food can help people combat obesity, build protein from non-meat sources like beans and fit more nutritionally-dense foods into a healthy diet.

Here at Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant in San Diego, California, we understand a healthy lunch is the cornerstone of a healthy workday. Our menu includes delicious and light sandwiches, salads, pizza, rice plates, kebabs and half-dozen orders of such delicacies as grape leaves as perfect mid-day meal choices. Trust us. You need a healthy lunch. Here are three reasons why.

Boost Team Motivation and Morale
We understand Corporate Catering is a must for today’s high-powered offices. Too many employees skip lunch under high workloads and tight deadlines. One way to win over your team and look out for their health too is to order in lunch from time to time.

To get your team through a power meeting or conduct a working lunch with clients in your San Diego offices, our Catering plans provide energy-boosting foods at an affordable cost. We make it convenient for you to estimate your needs ahead of time to make sure everyone is served. You can order for employees and clients by the piece or the tray.

Catch Up or Get Ahead on Nutrition
We get it. Mornings can be hectic and rushed. After all, kids must get to school. Parents often sacrifice their own breakfasts to make sure their children eat well before school. Sometimes, you need to hit the snooze button twice. Maybe you had every intention to skip the coffee and doughnut on the way to the office, but you left your fruit at home or a traffic jam thwarted your plans to stop for something nutritious.

By lunchtime you need a pick-me-up. Vegetarian Food and Vegan Food are light but nutritionally-dense midday choices that can compensate for any poor choices you may have made earlier. Noshing on falafel, baba ghanouj, spinach pies and dolma is not only tasty. It sets the tone to reinforce a healthy eating choice again at dinner.

Eat Less At Night
Now that people more recognize the benefits of Middle Eastern Food and have pushed the cuisine into a renaissance of sorts, we take pride in delivering delicious food to people who are passionate about their health. We would love to see you for a full entree at dinnertime, unless you have enjoyed a robust lunch with us at midday.

Yes, that is right. Eating a healthy lunch is often all people need to cut back on a big dinner or late-night eating. You may be surprised at just how much a healthy lunch can tame your evening appetite. You will begin to wake up feeling lighter and more energetic in no time.