Our menu is healthy, fresh, creatively prepared, premium quality Mediterranean cuisine…plenty of healthy, scrumptious salads, vegetarian meals with Mediterranean flavors, melt in mouth shish kabobs and delicious appetizers like hummus, tabouleh, falafel, stuffed grape leaves & more!

Aladdin Cafe San Diego

offers delicious, authentic Mediterranean cuisine in a beautiful and spacious setting. Visit us at our convenient Clairemont Mesa Blvd. address and you’ll be transported to an exotic location at Aladdin San Diego, where our chefs prepare each meal with real Greek spices and use fresh herbs and vegetables for each and every dish. Our huge menu has a wide variety of food from all around the region which will appeal to just about anyone craving spicy and delicious offerings.


Start off your meal at Aladdin Cafe San Diego with one of our delectable appetizers. We make our hummus (a cravable bean dip) in-house at Aladdin restaurant San Diego with fresh garlic, Garbanzo beans, high-quality olive oil and tahini. Add succulent chicken or lamb shawarma with your order. Of course, the dish wouldn’t be complete without our perfect pita bread. Our guests love this soft Mediterranean bread, describing it as “soft pillows of love, the perfect combination of chewy and crispy.” (Teresita C.)

Aladdin Cafe San Diego

Or you may also try our vegetarian stuffed dolma, Dolma are small dumplings stuffed with a delicious medley of rice, parsley, onion and tomato. They are wrapped in soft grape leaves for a unique and subtle flavor. You’ll love our fresh and crispy falafel. They are scrumptious dipped in a side of labneh, a fresh and light kefir cream cheese dish. Follow up your appetizer with a light and exotic passion fruit and shrimp salad, topped with crisp carrots and peppers, juicy tomatoes and olives and feta cheese.

One of the most popular main dishes at Aladdin Restaurant San Diego is the succulent lamb biryani. We marinate the freshest lamb and prepare it with a secret spice mixture. You’ll taste hints of cardamom, garlic and delicate lemon. This dish is served over a bed of perfectly steamed basmati rice tossed with a spice medley. We also offer fresh and delicious sandwiches at Aladdin San Diego. Choose from lamb, koufta or kebab. You can also make your meal vegetarian by substituting tabouli or falafel for meat.

Aladdin Cafe San Diego

If you’re craving Italian fare, we serve fresh-to-order, authentic wood-fired pizzas straight from our brick oven. Some of our creative and delightful toppings include chicken shawarma and pesto.

“My mouth is watering just writing about it!” wrote Connie C. Complete your meal with home-made baklava. Baklava is a delicious middle-eastern puff pastry dessert served with pistachios on top. Pair this delicate treat with our special Turkish coffee—it is strong, sweet and is a perfect way to end your meal. Our restaurant also offers delightful catering services and packages. We offer hummus, baba ganouj, dolma and falafel party trays. We will also happily reserve your space here at our restaurant for parties, events and large seating dinners.

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