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Indoor Dining Is Back!

Indoor dining is being allowed back once again, as San Diego County received the good news of Covid-19 cases receding in the area. With the caseload down in San Diego, that means it is safe for restaurants to open up to indoor dining, and safe for you to come and visit. This is very exciting news for everyone who has...



4 Mediterranean Dishes That You Need in Your Life Right Now

Dining alfresco and sharing food with friends and family are right at the core of Mediterranean style dining. It’s all about the culture of joining together and enjoying a healthy meal together. When one thinks of Mediterranean food, one thinks of the obvious dishes like baklava, Greek salad, and falafel. Here are 4 Mediterranean dishes that you might not have...



Aladdin is Moving to Alfresco Dining

Governor Newsom has put out a new decree requiring the temporary suspension of indoor dining after a recent surge in coronavirus cases. A spike in cases saw daily highs of more than 400 cases, and a positive test rate of 7%. While San Diego county has been improving in their infection rates, they are still above the safety threshold of...



Aladdin’s Cafe is Re-opening!

Governor Newsom is reopening the economy in four stages, and moved the state into phase two this month. The goal is to reopen the economy in a way that is safe for everybody. During this phase, you are once again allowed to dine-in at restaurants in regions where it has been deemed safe.   San Diego has been cleared for...



How Food Delivery is Bringing a Taste of Homemade to Locals

The novel coronavirus, Covid-19, has rapidly changed how we get our food. Restaurants are closed for dining in, the supply chain is struggling to switch from restaurant delivery to grocery stores, and people who have never cooked before are being forced to discover the kitchen. Unfortunately, the result of suddenly being thrown at a kitchen isn't always healthy, or tasty...



The Immune Boosting Powers of the World’s Healthiest Eaters

There are only 5 “Blue Zones” in the entire world. These regions are places where the average lifespan is extraordinarily long, and it isn't unusual at all for people to live to be over 100. 3 of these blue zones are in the Mediterranean, and one of them, a small religious commune in California, has something in common with the...



Healthy Eating During Covid-19

The current health crisis caused by the novel corona virus, Covid-19, is causing great concern for many Americans. Covid 19 is a serious illness of pandemic proportions, and people are currently being advised to shelter in place to avoid spreading it even more. The novel corona virus can be deadly, and currently hospitals are swamped as they struggle to keep...



3 Reasons Why a Mediterranean Food is Great for a Plant-Based Diet

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or just looking to cut back on your meat consumption, Mediterranean food is a great option. Unlike the highly processed meat-substitutes that have made their way onto shelves in recent years, vegetarian and vegan Mediterranean food is completely natural, minimally processed and healthier for you. Traditional Dishes Whole foods, plant-based eating feels like a brand-new concept....



Olive Oil Can Reduce Risk of Heart Disease!

You need more olive oil in your diet It’s the most deadly disease on the planet. Around the world, someone will die from it every 37 seconds. The best hygiene in the world won’t help. If you haven’t guessed already, it’s heart disease, and it’s the leading cause of death in men and women alike. Although good hand washing practices...



The Mediterranean Diet – The Key to Longevity

On Ikaria island, located in Greece, living to 100 or more is considered normal. The astounding longevity of Ikarians is so consistent, scientists come from all over the world to study what they eat and do each day to achieve such consistent longevity across the population. Exercise, a mid-day nap, and strong family ties all have their role to play,...