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It’s Easy To See Why Aladdin Cafe Is Such A Popular Restaurant

On a regular basis, hungry people come from near and far to partake of the healthy and delicious Middle Eastern food served at Aladdin Cafe in San Diego. From hummus and falafel to shish kebabs and wood-fired pizzas, this top-rate Mediterranean restaurant has something to offer for every appetite.

Maintaining a healthy diet is a primary concern for many people these days, and Aladdin Cafe offers a nice assortment of healthy dishes that also taste great. People who like to eat vegetarian food and vegan food can delight in appetizers such as stuffed grape leaves and baba ghanouj at Aladdin. Other vegan items served at this popular restaurant include fattoush, spinach pies, tabouleh, and the vegetarian meza platter.

Fresh vegetables are an integral part of a healthy diet, and Aladdin Cafe offers more than a half-dozen types of garden-fresh salads. A refreshing passion fruit shrimp salad that contains hearts of romaine, tomatoes, red onions,carrots, peppers, pistachios, olives and broiled shrimp in a passion fruit dressing is just one of the varieties.

It is often said that we “eat with our eyes,” and the various dishes served at Aladdin Cafe are always pleasingly presented. French cut lamb chops artfully fanned on the plate alongside basmati rice and hummus, and three skewers of chicken, lamb or koufta paired with basmati rice in the Shish Kebab Mix are good examples.

Foods that are cooked in a wood-fired oven generally produce wonderful flavors that are unique to this form of cooking. The wood-fired pizzas at Aladdin Cafe include shrimp pesto, vegetarian, BBQ chicken, pepperoni, and spicy chicken varieties. Several different types of Bryani plates, including chicken, shrimp, vegetarian, and lamb varieties are also popular menu items at this Mediterranean restaurant.

Whether you’re eating halibut arabiata in the restaurant’s dining room, or enjoying their chicken salad at an outdoor table, Aladdin Cafe always provides a satisfying dining experience.

Professional catering services are provided by Aladdin Cafe, and their food is a top choice when it comes to corporate catering. People who are attending corporate events love the tasty alternative to turkey or tuna sandwiches that is provided with Aladdin Cafe’s Middle Eastern food.

A warm and welcoming atmosphere is always provided at Aladdin Cafe. The spacious and attractive dining room is accented by an open kitchen, and outdoor dining is also provided. Service is consistently fast and friendly, portions are generous, and prices are reasonable.