The Versatility of Middle Eastern Cuisine

Since the 1990s, people who study nutrition have touted a Mediterranean diet as a model for healthy eating, and Middle Eastern food is a great example of this type of diet. Its use of olive oil, fresh vegetables, legumes and grilled meats are all keys to a healthy diet. Studies show that eating in this way leads to a reduction in heart disease and an increase in overall health. Even diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s occur less frequently in people who eat a Mediterranean diet. At Aladdin’s, you can take advantage of this kind of delicious and healthy food.

Another advantage of eating at a place like Aladdin’s is that Middle Eastern food naturally accommodates a wide range of eating styles. If you have ever tried to choose a restaurant that will suit meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans, you know what a headache it can be, but Aladdin’s caters to all of these. Good vegan food can be particularly difficult to get at a restaurant, and too often, vegans are left eating something unappetizing like a plain salad with no dressing. At Aladdin’s, vegans can choose from a variety of flavorful dishes such as tabouleh, falafel or fattoush. There is an even wider selection of vegetarian food including a Greek salad.

Vegetarians and meat eaters alike who are unfamiliar with Middle Eastern food and want to ease in to this new cuisine can try one of the delicious wood-fired pizzas. These aren’t your traditional pizza toppings. Among the offerings are a chicken shawerma pizza, one made with grilled lamb and two vegetarian-friendly options including one with grilled vegetable and another with feta cheese seasoned with herbs.

Because of the variety of meat, vegetarian and vegan options as well as its healthy qualities, Middle Eastern food from Aladdin’s is also a great choice for corporate catering or any other kind of catering. Whether it’s a mandatory event like a staff retreat or a celebration like a birthday or wedding, people appreciate the opportunity to eat food that is both healthy and delicious.

Some of the oldest civilizations originated in the Middle East, and this means that its cuisine has a rich, vibrant and ancient history. People have literally been eating versions of these dishes for thousands of years, and the ingredients that make their way into Middle Eastern cooking are the result of the climate, geography and culture. Typical ingredients such as pistachios and dates were among the first harvested after grains when people turned from hunter-gatherer to agricultural societies while other flavors and spices were introduced over the centuries from other cultures. From ancient times to today’s dishes at Aladdin, Middle Eastern food has remained healthy and delicious.