Aladdin Cafe And Healthy Food

Aladdin Cafe is popular Middle Eastern restaurant located in San Diego that offers delicious food. They offer several specialty meals, such as vegetarian food, vegan food, and foods based on a Middle Eastern and healthy diet. In addition, they offer both party catering and corporate catering for events. Overall, Aladdin Cafe is a restaurant that is trying to offer the customer everything possible when it comes to a Middle Eastern food and Mediterranean cuisine.

A visit to their website at shows the user a professionally made website that advertises their delicious food and healthy diet. Through this website, you can view the menu, inquire about corporate catering, make reservations, and view pictures of some of their delicious middle eastern food and meals. In addition, you can see some of the reviews their satisfied customers left them and follow their blog for updates regarding the restaurant.

They are frequently rated five stars for both their delicious food and healthy diet options. In addition, it is a favorite among the locals in the area because of the freshness of their food. Most customers report that their food tastes as if it was just taken out of the oven. In fact, Aladdin Cafe dedicates itself to delivering the freshest foods right to their customers. This means that none of their Middle Eastern food is frozen or stored for future use. All food delivered to customers is made immediately and at the moment of order in house.

Another quality about the menu and restaurant that critics praise is their diverse and appetizing vegan meals, along with their robust selection of vegetarian meals. These selections, in addition to being plentiful and tasty, are also reasonably priced.

Another of the most applauded characteristics of the Aladdin Cafe is the portions and balance of each meal delivered. Customers never complain about too many vegetables or too much bread because the chefs and managers of the restaurant are very vigilant committed to producing the most well balanced diet and meal they can. That’s a large reason why critics praise them. They are highly rated on Zagat, and best of all, the average meal from Aladdin Cafe is only approximately $20!

Another big portion of their business is dedicated to professional and corporate catering. They have reasonably priced meals that they produce in large portions for their customers who wish Aladdin Cafe to host their parties or events. For example, a tray of their Hummus is advertised to serve up to 10 people. In addition, their bigger entrees, like their Veggie Bryani, is advertised to serve 12-14 people.

Overall, Aladdin Cafe is a San Diego restaurant dedicated to delivering a healthy Middle eastern cuisine to its customers.