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Middle Eastern Dining at Aladdin Cafe

Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant is a San Diego, California eatery that serves a vast selection of healthy Middle Eastern food options. If you want to consume a healthy diet, then the restaurant’s plentiful vegetarian food choices may be of interest to you. Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant even has numerous vegan food offerings that are suitable for diners who don’t want to take...



Aladdin Cafe Catering to San Diego

There is a definite advantage to choosing reputable corporate catering for a special business meeting or presentation. The staff, servers, and chefs at Aladdin Café, located at 5420 Clairemont Mesa Blvd in San Diego, take great pride in presenting top-quality Middle Eastern food at their restaurant or the meeting area you’ve selected. Tasty appetizers and entrees make a nice break from the speeches and...



Meals at Aladdin Cafe in San Diego

Dining out doesn’t have to mean filling your body with unhealthy and greasy junk food. Far from that. Although there are indeed many dining restaurants that serve meals that are far from nutritious and well-rounded, there are also many eateries that are excellent for health-conscious individuals. If you want to enjoy a healthy, filling and satisfying meal out anywhere in...



Benefits of Middle Eastern Food for Your Next Corporate Gathering

Corporate catering menus do not always include the foods you would eat in a healthy diet. The biggest drivers of catered lunch choices are bulk pricing, easy transport and item popularity. Many companies do not consider the benefits of introducing employees to healthier menus through their catering efforts. Here are two options to consider when planning your next office meal...



Healthy Dining at Aladdin

If you want to enjoy top-tier Middle Eastern food in the gorgeous San Diego area, you may want to stop by Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard. If you follow a healthy diet, you can’t beat the offerings at this authentic Middle Eastern eatery. There are many benefits to consuming a Mediterranean diet. These diets can encourage optimal heart...