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Flavorful Treats for Clients

With the recent craze of healthy living, many people are forgoing the normal fast food lunch during the work day and looking for some higher quality food for a healthy lunch. To change up the routine of classic, American healthy dishes, it can be great to try other cuisines such as Middle Eastern food. At Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant, there is a wide range of healthy food with options for everyone, including vegetarian food and vegan food.

Dolmas are one of the most popular Mediterranean appetizers available. In addition to being healthy, these delicious stuffed grape leaves, topped with lemon sauce, are a flavorful beginning to a great meal. These are also perfect for just an afternoon snack if you need to sneak away from the office for a little while.

It is also great to have the ability to eat different types of salads that are unique with a special twist on them. It is not common to find salads in restaurants that include passion fruit dressing, but at Aladdin’s, you can have a colorful salad of peppers, carrots, feta, tomatoes, red onions, shrimp, and pistachios with a tangy passion fruit dressing. This type of salad is definitely something that people come back for several times throughout the week, due to its health conscious method of delivering a wide range of nutrition to your body.

The wood fired pizzas are great to share with a group. These pizzas are freshly made and can be eaten in or ordered to take out. Their Mediterranean twist, such as the addition of their own special spice blend, or homemade tomato sauce, is perfect for lunch or dinner.

Aladdin’s also has more exotic offerings such as rice plates, Mediterranean sandwiches, and entrees. A popular vegetarian option is the Vegetarian Meza Platter. This includes a variety of popular Mediterranean items such as hummus, falafel, and fresh pita to satisfy the taste buds of people who prefer to eat vegetarian meals.

Aladdin’s is a very popular choice for corporate catering and work-related events. Catering is available to add flavor to your next business meeting or party. Aladdin’s also offers side items and desserts in order to ensure you have a wide range of selections at your next business event. People will be happy to come and see healthy options offered instead of typical fried or greasy food. This flavorful treat will please the office and clients alike.