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3 Benefits to the Mediterranean Diet You May Not Have Known About

The news is filled with new studies coming out every day about the Mediterranean diet. These studies range from helping you lose weight and look great, to helping with serious issues like heart and brain health. All of these studies are true and are the reason why the Mediterranean diet has been named the top choice for diets by nutritionists every year.
It Makes You Feel Better

Obviously, following a healthy diet will make you feel healthier, but did you know that the Mediterranean diet can also help if you have depression? Fresh vegetables are a big focus in the Mediterranean diet, and many of them contain a substance called carotenoids.
Carotenoids help give the good bacteria in your gut a big boost. It’s not a well-known fact, but your gut bacteria can actually have a huge say in your emotional health and can make you feel better overall.

One study that focused on older individuals found that when they followed the Mediterranean diet, they were less likely to experience depression.
It Can Reduce Your Risk of Cancer
Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases a person can face. In a meta-study that analyzed 27 smaller studies across over 2,000,000 people, they found that the more closely someone followed the Mediterranean diet, the less likely they were to develop cancer later in life.

No one wants to suffer from a deadly disease, and cancer is one of the scariest of them all. With Mediterranean food being so delicious, it makes since to choose to eat healthy and reduce
that risk.

It can keep women in menopause healthier
Menopause is associated with many physical changes in older women, including loss of bone density and muscle mass. At the same time, it can also increase visceral fat and put the woman at greater risk for diseases like Type 2 Diabetes.
A Mediterranean diet can help with nearly every symptom of menopause. The benefits are so profound, many nutritionists make a point of recommending it to their clients.

The Mediterranean diet has a huge range of benefits, no matter what your age, health issues, or gender is. If you are hoping to make an improvement to your health and are looking for a long-term nutrition plan that won’t get boring or taste terrible, the Mediterranean diet is a great choice.

One of the keys to this diet being so successful is how adaptable it is. Rather than forcing you to eat a limited amount of food or excluding whole macronutrients, it allows you the freedom to choose what you want from a large selection of foods.

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