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A Hard Look at a Recent Study

Mediterranean food has long been known as one of the healthiest diets in the world, but a recent study has thrown that into question. The study states that if you eat a Mediterranean diet but don’t choose to make it all organic as well, you may be taking in as many as 3 times the environmental contaminants as from a conventional western diet.

This is a concern for anyone, especially if they’re switching to a Mediterranean diet to benefit their health. We know that the Mediterranean diet carries a lot of benefits, including but not limited to:

• Improved Cardiovascular health
• Reduced risk of Alzheimer’s
• Weight loss
• Longer lifespan
• Cuts risk of Parkinson’s disease in half
• Protects against Type 2 Diabetes

It’s clear from the dozens of high-quality studies done on the Mediterranean diet that it is beneficial to our health. Yet this study is also a concern. It’s not always practical to search for fresh, organic ingredients, and we don’t yet know the drawbacks to environmental contaminants in our food.

No Warnings at this Time
The study conducted on the Mediterranean diet does illustrate some concerns—mainly with conventional farming and the problems any fresh vegetable grown conventionally can have. However, the study was very small, and didn’t provide any farther information such as what the health implications may be.

At this time, the study was not sufficient to cause scientists to warn against the Mediterranean diet, even if it was not grown organically.
Any vegetable is better than no vegetable

The simple truth of the matter is that the average American doesn’t get enough vegetables. Any vegetable at all is better than no vegetable. If you’re at the beginning of your health journey, don’t let the higher price of organic food stop you.

In the study, using organic vegetables reduced contaminants in the participant’s urine by 90%, but it’s not always cost effective to live on organic food. If you’re already on a Mediterranean style diet and are looking to improve your health even more, switching to organic food could be the next step.

If you’re just beginning your journey however, don’t let conventional vegetables stop you from getting the potential health benefits of a Mediterranean diet. It’s clear from the dozens of studies out there showing how much it can change your health that even conventional vegetables are beneficial, but also that there is always room to improve.

If you’re not sure that you’ll like the Mediterranean diet, we invite you to come to our resteraunt and try it for yourself. We offer free range chicken and always fresh, premium ingredients. You’ll get a chance to sample the cuisine style, and know that you are one step closer to a longer, healthier life with each delicious bite.

The Mediterranean diet has been the number one diet as voted by doctors, nutritionists, and other experts around the world for a good reason. A healthy diet consisting of vegetables, healthy fats, lean meats, and nuts are one of the best things you can do for your body.