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A Healthy Mediterranean Lunch

In the middle of your workday, you might not want to settle for a greasy cheeseburger and fries. We all know the importance of eating a healthy lunch, and Mediterranean food is popular and delicious. If your taste buds are craving something exotic, you should join us for lunch at Aladdin. New foods are exciting, and Middle Eastern food is the perfect healthy choice. The aroma inside of a Mediterranean restaurant is a bit different from a traditional American restaurant. Instead of breathing in the scent of grease and salt, you will breathe in the scent of exotic spices. Your taste buds will savor the new flavors, and you can feel great about sticking to your healthy diet. Besides the mouthwatering aromas, there are several other benefits to eating Mediterranean foods.

Mediterranean Culture
Mediterranean food has been around for centuries. For thousands of years, chefs have used fresh ingredients and exotic spices. The foods served at Aladdin are not cooked in fatty substances. All of our foods are cooked in healthy oils. Instead of using lard, we cook our foods in olive oil. Most foods at Aladdin are grilled or baked. We provide corporate catering services. We also serve a variety of bread and meats. The herbs, spices and roasted nuts are always flavorful.

A Healthy Lunch
A lunch filled with fruits and vegetables will give you a midday boost. Healthy eating is a lifestyle choice, and we know the importance of having a wide selection of foods. Your preference might be vegetarian food or vegan food. Aladdin restaurant has several meals that are packed with fruits and vegetables. The spinach pies are perfect for vegans, and the mixed pickles are a wonderful vegetarian dish. All of our foods are cooked in healthy oils. If you want to add more greens to your healthy lunch, you should try one of our salads. Our salads are topped with vegetables and herbs.

When you eat lunch at Aladdin, you will get delicious food and a sampling of Mediterranean culture. Our servers are committed to giving our customers a great dining experience. If you are unsure of what to order, a waiter can recommend a few popular dishes. Our catering services are top-notch. We can deliver a variety of vegetables, meats and bread to your corporate event. We can handle any special orders. If you have dietary restrictions, we can adjust the ingredients in our recipes