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Aladdin San Diego: April Events in San Diego

Winter ends when April comes – that’s the happy thought that will greet you when you come to visit San Diego in April. Although drastic change in seasons have affected California bringing a lot of rain in the middle of April, San Diego remains to be a great place to visit not only for its wonderful tourist spots but also for its healthy array of dining options.

What’s the weather in Clairemont, San Diego in April?

At an average, the highest temperature is about 68F while the average lowest temperature is about 56F. With this kind of temperature, there is always about 70% chance of sunshine throughout the day.

So what to pack for an April in San Diego?

You want to make sure that you can dress appropriately even when you are far away from home. So when visiting San Diego in April, it is a must that you pack all the basic fashion necessities including a mid-weight jacket. This will make sure that you feel comfortable while walking by the shore at night. Since April is the month of the beginning of Spring, it is best to go out and explore the city with long-sleeved shirts and sweaters. Layered clothing is basically the fashion idea when you come to visit the city in April. You don’t want to get caught in the cold.

What are the San Diego April Events?

  • Everyone who visits San Diego in April comes to witness the Del Mar Horse Show. This three-week event lasts from the second week of April through May. Every equestrian enthusiast in Southern California will be there and so should you. The event might just convince you to love the city even more.
  • Carlsbad Flower Fields is a Spring showcase of a flower grower’s site. Since flowers come in full bloom in late April and the whole month of May, it would be best to visit the site within this time. Not only will you be awed by the beauty of the flowers but you’d be amazed by how wonderful the world could be with them.
  • Coronado Flower show is also one of the most exciting events in San Diego in April. It is the largest flower shows in the whole of US featuring all the natural grown flowers of various businessmen. A whole city block is filled with flowers so beautiful and fresh you want to take them home.

What else can you expect in San Diego in April?

While on vacation in one of the most exciting cities in the US, don’t forget to try out the various healthy restaurants that makes your vacation gastronomically healthy at all times. The wide array of restaurants that offer the healthier food options in the city are indeed a must-try. Whether it is about losing weight or just keeping your lifestyle healthy, it is best to enjoy every bite of it even while on vacation.

Perhaps you could try Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant too. Our menu is a whole selection of everything that’s delicious and healthy. You simply could not live San Diego without giving this restaurant a try. Visit Aladdin Restaurant in San Diego at 5420 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92117. Call (858) 573-0000 for a reservation.