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Best Vegetarian Restaurants San Diego: Perfect Vegetarian Options for Your Events

With another holiday season quickly arriving, you are likely looking forward to throwing your employees a great holiday party. Choosing the right cuisine for corporate catering can feel overwhelming because you want to please everyone, but every person has different food preferences, and some may have strict dietary restrictions. Serving healthy Middle Eastern food from Aladdin Cafe at your holiday party can help you please everyone. They have a very extensive menu, so read on to get some ideas on which menu options will help you have something on hand that people on even the strictest diets can eat and enjoy.

Vegetarian Food

Many people today are vegetarians, and most vegetarians will not eat meat, but will eat other animal products, such as dairy and eggs.

Aladdin Cafe offers numerous vegetarian dishes, including appetizers, finger foods, main entrees, and desserts.

Your vegetarian employees will love Alladin Cafe’s fresh hummus and pita bread, Vegi Dolma, Babba Ghanouj, and many other appetizer options that contain no meat, yet taste amazing.

Several of Alladin Cafe’s Wood-fired Pizzas are meat-free, yet adorned with delicious spices and vegetables, and they make great main entrees for your vegetarian employees.

Vegan Food

Vegans eat no animal products at all, so along with skipping meat, they also don’t eat dairy products or eggs. All of the dishes already mentioned that are great for vegetarians other than the wood-fired pizzas that are topped with cheese are also free of dairy and eggs, so they will also please your vegan employees.

A great main dish to offer your vegan employees is Fata Bathenjan, which consists of layers of pita bread and delicious eggplant. Veggie Beryani is another great vegan option.

Gluten-Free Food

Many of the tasty appetizer dips offered at Alladin Cafe are gluten-free. While those following a gluten-free diet will have to pass on the pita bread, they can the dips with fresh vegetables instead, such as baby carrots.

Food for Those Following Healthy Diets

Most people today want to eat delicious, healthy foods, and Mediterranean food is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. If you have a corporate wellness policy in place, then offering healthy food to your employees during your holiday party will also help them meet their health goals that come with great incentives.

Which Mediterranean food options at Alladin Cafe are healthy? All of them! Unlike some healthy foods that force people to choose between their health and pleasing their taste-buds, Mediterranean food is healthy and delicious.

Serving your employees healthy Mediterranean food at any catered event is a great option, including your corporate holiday party. Forget the boring turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy that your employees may already be eating plenty of at home this holiday season. There are fresh, healthy Mediterranean foods that can fit into every employee’s unique diet deliciously you can serve them instead.