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3 Benefits of a Healthy Lunch

More and more people across America and other countries are opting for Middle Eastern meals on their plates. The eclectic ingredients and vegetable-based specialties in Middle Eastern Food can help people combat obesity, build protein from non-meat sources like beans and fit more nutritionally-dense foods into a healthy diet. Here at Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant in San Diego, California, we understand a healthy lunch is...



Redefining Healthy Eating: Adding Excitement to Healthy Choices

or years, healthy eating has been associated with tastelessness, dullness, limited choices and everything that is boring in terms of food consumption. This is the biggest reason why choosing healthy foods is not that encouraging back in the old days. Added to the temptation of sumptuous dishes, sweet treats and manufactured food choices that send our taste buds to the...



Best Vegetarian Restaurants San Diego: Perfect Vegetarian Options for Your Events

With another holiday season quickly arriving, you are likely looking forward to throwing your employees a great holiday party. Choosing the right cuisine for corporate catering can feel overwhelming because you want to please everyone, but every person has different food preferences, and some may have strict dietary restrictions. Serving healthy Middle Eastern food from Aladdin Cafe at your holiday...



Healthy Cuisine: Mediterranean Food San Diego

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying tasty food. Mediterranean food is made with healthy ingredients including vegetables, fruit, beans, and olive oil. Discover the menu options at Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant to plan your next fine dining experience. Delicious Entrees Chicken Shawerma is a popular menu item at Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant. Chicken strips are marinated and grilled to...



Health Benefits of Middle Eastern Food

A diet filled with Middle Eastern food, similar to a Mediterranean diet, incorporates the flavorful foods of the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. This food is conducive with a health diet, as it keeps the body healthy by being heart healthy and staving off many chronic diseases. Middle Eastern food emphasizes the use of fish, olive oil, whole grains, legumes,...



Aladdin Cafe And Healthy Food

Aladdin Cafe is popular Middle Eastern restaurant located in San Diego that offers delicious food. They offer several specialty meals, such as vegetarian food, vegan food, and foods based on a Middle Eastern and healthy diet. In addition, they offer both party catering and corporate catering for events. Overall, Aladdin Cafe is a restaurant that is trying to offer the...



The Best Mediterranean Food in San Diego

From the freshness of the ingredients to the delectable flavors found therein, Mediterranean food is some of the best cuisine to be found in the world. As a San Diego local or visitor, you may wonder where the best healthy food can be found in our city. To help you discover all the delicious flavors that you may be missing...



Healthy Middle Eastern Food in San Diego

Due to exponentially increasing rates of heart disease and obesity, more and more people are becoming health-conscious in an effort to increase the quality and length of their lives. Many people jump on the bandwagon of extreme or crash dieting, believing that it will help them achieve favorable results faster. However, this type of dieting is not sustainable over a long...



Try the Middle East the Next Time You Eat Out

If you want eating that is fun, delicious and exotic, there is no better choice than Middle Eastern food. Nothing is better than eating this food fresh in a good restaurant. If you are interested in Eastern culture, learn more about Middle Eastern foods and restaurants. The Basics of Middle Eastern Food There are numerous Middle Eastern dishes that may...