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Try the Middle East the Next Time You Eat Out

If you want eating that is fun, delicious and exotic, there is no better choice than Middle Eastern food. Nothing is better than eating this food fresh in a good restaurant. If you are interested in Eastern culture, learn more about Middle Eastern foods and restaurants. The Basics of Middle Eastern Food There are numerous Middle Eastern dishes that may...



Health Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet

A true Mediterranean diet that is full of fruits and vegetables, garlic, seafood, olive oil, lemon juices, and hearty grains can help fight against diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and cognitive decline. This type of diet can help you live a longer and healthier life, while also having the benefit of being delicious. Here are some specific health benefits of eating...



The Versatility of Middle Eastern Cuisine

Since the 1990s, people who study nutrition have touted a Mediterranean diet as a model for healthy eating, and Middle Eastern food is a great example of this type of diet. Its use of olive oil, fresh vegetables, legumes and grilled meats are all keys to a healthy diet. Studies show that eating in this way leads to a reduction...



Healthy Middle Eastern Meals in Gorgeous San Diego, California

San Diego, California is a large metropolis that offers many things to residents and visitors alike. There are many high-quality restaurants located all around this vast city. People can choose between all different types of cuisine while in San Diego. They can nosh on All-American, Pan-Asian, Mexican and Italian fare, for example. They can also dine on authentic and scrumptious Middle...



Healthy Middle Eastern Dining in San Diego, California

People who are passionate about Middle Eastern food may want to stop by Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurantin gorgeous San Diego, California. If you follow a healthy diet, this cafe may pique your interest in a significant way. Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant specializes in many exciting vegan food and vegetarian food meals for people who appreciate Middle Eastern fare. If you’re someone who likes to...



It’s Easy To See Why Aladdin Cafe Is Such A Popular Restaurant

On a regular basis, hungry people come from near and far to partake of the healthy and delicious Middle Eastern food served at Aladdin Cafe in San Diego. From hummus and falafel to shish kebabs and wood-fired pizzas, this top-rate Mediterranean restaurant has something to offer for every appetite. Maintaining a healthy diet is a primary concern for many people...



Eat Healthy at Aladdin Cafe in San Diego

At Aladdin Cafe, we love a good meal and enjoy seeing others savoring Middle Eastern food and vegan food. We also understand the benefits of eating healthy. Managing a healthy diet isn’t about limiting food or staying thin. It’s balancing that pizza with foods that maximize energy, improve mood and minimize health risk. What we eat has a significant influence...