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Fine Meat, Vegan And Vegetarian Meals Available

People who have Middle Eastern food desires in San Diego, California can be happy. That’s because Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant is an “America’s Finest City” eatery that specializes in some of the finest authentic foods from the region. Middle Eastern food is beloved all around the planet for many reasons. First of all, it tastes fantastic and flavorful. Secondly, it can also be extremely nutritious. If you follow a healthy diet in San Diego, a meal at Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant may be optimal for you. This dining establishment accommodates all different kinds of appetites and preferences. Vegan food is available on the menu. Vegetarian food is available on the menu. Meat-based dishes are available as well.

Vegans and vegetarians often head to Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant to enjoy the establishment’s many high-quality offerings. Vegetarian foodies who visit the restaurant can dine on falafel, which is a nice blend of spices, garlic, parsley, onions and mashed garbanzo means. Vegetarian foodies can also revel in the wonderful tastes of hummus, a spread that’s made of olive oil, lemon and garbanzo beans. The choices that are available for people who do not consume meat are genuinely abundant. Vegans and vegetarians who visit Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant never have to worry for even a minute about ruining their diets. Other wondrous Aladdin meals that are geared toward food-loving vegans and vegetarians are spinach pies (vegetarian borak), tabouleh, vegetarian pizzas and vegetarian bryani. People who are vegetarians can also choose to order meza platters at the restaurant. These delightful platters consist of Lebanese salad, tahini sauce, tabouleh, baba ghanouj, hummus, pickles and falafel. They also include pita bread. People who adore bread that’s newly baked are sure to admire the addition of the pita bread.

Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant is indeed a haven for vegans and vegetarians in San Diego. It’s also a haven for people who adore meat, however. If you have a penchant for meat, there are plenty of great dishes just waiting for you at this noted restaurant. People who enjoy lamb chops can chow down on charbroiled meat alongside pita bread, salad, hummus and basmati rice. People who enjoy chicken can enjoy chicken shawerma with hummus, basmati rice, pita bread, Lebanese salad and garlic sauce. Other magnificent meat meals on Aladdin’s extensive menu are chicken tika kebab, shrimb kebab, halibut arrabiata (a must for fish lovers), chicken breast, lamb shawerma and lamb tika kebabs. If you want to sink your teeth into any of these irresistible Middle Eastern meat dishes, Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant should definitely be a fine San Diego dining choice for you.

People who need catering service for events can also count on the team at Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant. Corporate catering service is offered, too.