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Healthy Cuisine: Mediterranean Food San Diego

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying tasty food. Mediterranean food is made with healthy ingredients including vegetables, fruit, beans, and olive oil. Discover the menu options at Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant to plan your next fine dining experience.

Delicious Entrees

Chicken Shawerma is a popular menu item at Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant. Chicken strips are marinated and grilled to perfection. The entrée includes Basmati rice and a Lebanese salad.

Lamb Tika Kebab is an excellent choice for someone looking to try something different. Patrons are served California Lamb with fresh pita bread. The meal also includes tomatoes, green pepper, and onions.

Koufta Kabob provides a healthy source of ground beef mixed with parsley and onions. The entrée is prepared with a variety of spices to give the meal some extra flavor. Hummus, tomatoes, and Lebanese salad is also served with the entrée.

Fresh Sandwiches

The chicken breast sandwich is a top selling menu item at Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant. Chicken breast is marinated with a blend of herbs. The dish also comes with garlic sauce and tomatoes to make the meal more appetizing.

Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant provides menu options for patrons on a vegetarian diet. Falafel is a vegetarian sandwich made with lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. The meal is made on pita bread and topped with Tahini Sauce. One of the most flavorful vegetarian meals in San Diego.

Lamb Shawerma is a marinated dish of lamb and beef. The meat is charbroiled on an open fire and served on pita bread. The sandwich is covered with tomatoes and Tahini Sauce to give the dish more flavor.

Wood-Fired Pizza

Aladdin’s Pizza is a great menu selection for patrons looking for some spice in their pizza. The pizza is blended with more than 12 herbs to give the dish something extra. Other ingredients include thyme, sesame seeds, oregano, and tomatoes.

Patrons looking to try something new might consider ordering Jafar’s Pizza. The pizza is marinated with lamb and herbed onions. The dish also includes three colored peppers and juicy tomatoes.

The Sinbad Barbeque Pizza is a favorite dish at Aladdin’s Mediterranean Restaurant. The pizza is made with marinated chicken and topped with spicy barbecue sauce. The entrée also comes with fresh cilantro and red onions.