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Healthy Eating During Covid-19

The current health crisis caused by the novel corona virus, Covid-19, is causing great concern for many Americans. Covid 19 is a serious illness of pandemic proportions, and people are currently being advised to shelter in place to avoid spreading it even more.

The novel corona virus can be deadly, and currently hospitals are swamped as they struggle to keep up with the influx of seriously ill patients. Staying healthy is something we can all do to help fight the virus and its spread. If you’ve needed a good reason to start eating healthy and to give your immune system a boost, this is the best motivator you could have.

Mediterranean food is one such way you can help give your body the nutrition and support it needs to stay healthy. Mediterranean food is well researched as an immune boosting diet. It is rich in fiber, which feeds and supports healthy gut bacteria, as well as anti-oxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties that help improve overall health.

The health benefits of a Mediterranean diet are so profound, researchers have noted that people who follow them typically enjoy a longer life compared to those who don’t. Notably, Ikarians often live into their 90s and even over 100, all without heart problems and a relatively low rate of cancer.

Many nutritionists even go as far as using the Mediterranean diet as a model for a healthy diet, due to its plant based nature and variety of nutrition packed ingredients.

Although a healthy diet can’t prevent you from getting sick, it can help strengthen your immune system so your body has the best possible chance of fighting the virus. With so many people ending up in hospitals or dying, doing everything we can to keep ourselves healthy could not only protect our own lives, but the lives of other people who need that hospital bed.

Even with an outbreak going on, people need to eat. There’s no better time than now to choose a healthy meal over pizza or fried chicken.

Stay Safe with Food Delivery
Restaraunt dining rooms are currently closed right now in order to help stop the spread, but you can still get your food safely through food delivery and take-out. Aladdin’s is currently offering both.
Food delivery is considered a safe way to get food during the outbreak. The FDA notes that there is no reason to suspect food packaging or food itself is a method for becoming infected by the Covid-19 virus.
The corona virus is more likely to be spread through airborne droplets from mucus or saliva belonging to an infected person. People can spread the virus even when they are showing no symptoms and feel healthy, which is part of why it is currently spreading so easily.
To help keep yourself safe, limiting your contact with people via ordering delivery or take out is a healthy option.

These are unprecedented times, and it’s normal to feel frightened or helpless. We are here to help. A healthy, flavorful Mediterranean meal is a phone call away through our current services.