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Healthy Middle Eastern Dining in San Diego, California

People who are passionate about Middle Eastern food may want to stop by Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurantin gorgeous San Diego, California. If you follow a healthy diet, this cafe may pique your interest in a significant way. Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant specializes in many exciting vegan food and vegetarian food meals for people who appreciate Middle Eastern fare.

If you’re someone who likes to eat fresh and tasty vegetables on a regular basis, you’ll have an abundance of great choices available to you on the menu at Aladdin Restaurant. Some examples of dishes that are perfect for veggie lovers at Aladdin Restaurant include falafels, hummus, vegetarian borak and dolma. Falafels are chock-full of seasoning. They’re a combination of spices, onions, garlic, parsley and garbanzo beans. Hummus is a combination of olive oil, lemon, fresh garlic, tahini and garbanzo beans. Vegetarian borak is a lovely blend of sumac, lemon juice, tomatoes, onions and spinach. It’s also commonly known as “spinach pie.” Dolma, last but not least, is a popular meal option among vegetarians who dine at Aladdin Restaurant. It’s a seasoned blend that includes chopped onions, parsley, rice, lemon sauce, grape leaves and tomatoes. It’s often referred to simply as “stuffed grape leaves.” If you want to dine on a meal that is optimal for a healthy vegetarian diet plan, you’ll enjoy your experience at Aladdin Restaurant without a doubt.

People don’t have to be veggie enthusiasts to enjoy food at Aladdin Restaurant, however. That’s because the Middle Eastern eatery also has plenty of options in meat-based meals. If you’re the kind of person who likes filling up on meat, you’ll love lamb borak, chicken salad, chicken bryani and lamb tika kebab. Lamb borak is a strong dish choice for people who adore ground lamb, yogurt, tomatoes, onions, roasted pine nuts, pomegranate juice, garlic and tahini. Chicken salad is suitable for people who love flame-broiled chicken breasts, romaine lettuce, pistachio nuts, tomatoes, fresh cilantro and feta cheese. Chicken bryani is a solid dish choice for fans of roasted nuts. Lamb tika kebab, finally, is optimal for diners who want to savor marinated lamb cubes, tomatoes, hummus, onions and green bell peppers. If you’re in the mood for excellent meat that feels and tastes perfectly fresh, you may want to head to Aladdin Restaurant right away.

Sweet dessert options are available to diners at this establishment as well. People can choose between baklava with pistachio and kunafa. Both are popular options.

If you’re looking for first-rate corporate catering in San Diego, Aladdin Restaurant may be a good healthy choice for you. The eatery’s catering menu is varied and includes exciting and delicious foods such as hummus, pita bread, falafels, baba ghanouj and vegi dolma.