Healthy Middle Eastern Meals in Gorgeous San Diego, California

San Diego, California is a large metropolis that offers many things to residents and visitors alike. There are many high-quality restaurants located all around this vast city. People can choose between all different types of cuisine while in San Diego. They can nosh on All-American, Pan-Asian, Mexican and Italian fare, for example. They can also dine on authentic and scrumptious Middle Eastern food. Middle Eastern food is becoming more and more popular around the United States for a variety of reasons. First of all, it tastes fantastic. Secondly, Middle Eastern cuisine can be appropriate for people with all kinds of dietary preferences. People who want to eat vegan food and vegetarian food usually don’t have problems finding great meal choices at Middle Eastern eateries. If you want to enjoy a healthy lunch in San Diego, why not go Middle Eastern? Aladdin’s Mediterranean Restaurant is a beloved San Diego establishment that has a focus on fine Middle Eastern delights. The restaurant has a great location on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard.

Vegans are people who do not consume any animal products at all. Vegetarians are people who do not consume any meat at all. If you want to savor a healthy San Diego lunch that doesn’t involve any type of meat, Aladdin’s Mediterranean Restaurant has your back. Food options on the restaurant’s menu include falafels, spinach pies, vegetarian pizzas and vegetarian bryani . People who like fresh and tasty ingredients including roasted nuts, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, onion and parsley are certain to enjoy the veggie food options on Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant’s menu.

People who head to Aladdin’s Mediterranean Restaurant don’t have to be vegans or vegetarians to eat healthily, either. The restaurant’s menu has plenty of healthy (and totally delicious) meat dishes available to guests. If you visit Aladdin’s Mediterranean Restaurant with an appetite for meat, you can choose between items such as chicken bryani, lamb bryani, chicken shawerma, lamb shawerma, lamb chops, chicken breast, lamb tika kebab and chicken kebab. People who love seafood also have many terrific choices at Aladdin’s Mediterranean Restaurant. Noteworthy seafood meals on the eatery’s menu include shrimbp kebabs, shrimp pesto and halibut arrabiata.

There are many delightful side dishes on the menu at Aladdin’s Mediterranean Restaurant, too. Fans of pita bread, basmati white rice, sauteed vegetables, turnip pickles and tahini sauce can enjoy any of these things as convenient and easy side dishes.

Eating healthily in San Diego doesn’t always mean that you have to avoid dessert like the plague, either. A little dessert in moderation once in a while is never a bad thing. Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant’s baklava and kunafa desserts are both popular.

People who need catering service can rely on Aladdin’s Mediterranean Restaurant, too. The eatery regularly takes on big corporate catering jobs.