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Meals at Aladdin Cafe in San Diego

Dining out doesn’t have to mean filling your body with unhealthy and greasy junk food. Far from that. Although there are indeed many dining restaurants that serve meals that are far from nutritious and well-rounded, there are also many eateries that are excellent for health-conscious individuals. If you want to enjoy a healthy, filling and satisfying meal out anywhere in lovely San Diego, California, you may want to learn more about Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard. Aladdin specializes in Middle Eastern food that’s suitable for people who are looking for healthy diet options. The restaurant’s menu consists of a vast selection of vegan food and vegetarian food offerings as well.

Aladdin is a great dining destination for people who are fans of the Mediterranean Diet. This famed diet is centered around foods and beverages that are commonly consumed in the regions close to the Mediterranean Sea. The diet is all about healthy fats, whole grains, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts and legumes. It also favors flavoring with spices and herbs over salt. If you want to enjoy a healthy and satisfying Mediterranean meal in San Diego without the hassle of having to prepare one all by yourself, a trip to Aladdin may be in order for you. The restaurant’s menu is truly large and impressive. Refreshing salads are a big focus on the menu. The available salad options include Greek salad, chopped chicken salad, fattoush, tabouleh, passion fruit shrimp salad and classic chicken salad. Main dishes that are available to diners at the restaurant include lamb chops, chicken tika kebabs and shrimp kebabs. Other noteworthy meal and side options that are served at Aladdin are lentil soup, pita bread, feta cheese, lamb shawerma sandwiches, chicken breast sandwiches, falafel, vegetarian bryani (a vegetarian rice favorite), spinach pies, spicy chicken pizza, vegetarian pizza and stuffed grape leaves. Aladdin’s menu is diverse and varied. That’s why countless Mediterranean food lovers from all over San Diego and beyond routinely visit the restaurant to enjoy fantastic and nutritionally sound meals.

Catering is a convenient option that’s available to fans of Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant. If you work for a company and are looking for top-notch corporate catering choices in San Diego, Aladdin may be ideal for you. If you want to give the attendees of your upcoming corporate event the gift of delicious and totally healthy Middle Eastern fare, feeding them Mediterranean meals and appetizers may be optimal. The restaurant’s catering menu consists of a wide selection of dips and appetizers. These include hummus, falafel and baba ghanouj. It also consists of well-known Mediterranean classics such as couscous, baby okra, koufta balls, chicken tika and kebbeh. The catering menu has choices that are appropriate for all tastes and preferences.