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Mediterranean diet: Good for the body and the mind

By now, the benefits of the Mediterranean diet have become well known. This celebrated way of eating has been praised by scientists, doctors and nutritionists for the many health benefits it brings. Although there is no doubt that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets known to mankind, there’s actually more to it then that.

As important as healthy eating is however, the Mediterranean diet takes it a step beyond nutrition. The Mediterranean diet follows the eating habits of the people who live in the 16 countries that the Mediterranean diet comes from.

These countries aren’t just about what they eat, but how they eat it. Meals are eaten slowly and socially with friends and family. Homecooked meals prepared with fresh ingredients are always preferred over processed foods.

Eating at a slower pace for example, has real benefits for the human body. Americans tend to wolf down their food at the same pace we live the rest of our lives—as quickly as possible. When we do this, we are ignoring our hunger signals, and fail to realize when we’re actually full.
The result is that we end up consuming much more than we intend to. By the time we realize we are full, we may have eaten several hundred more calories than we actually needed. By adopting the Mediterranean way of eating, you may find yourself eating less and enjoying it more.
Eating with others also has unique benefits. People who eat with others are more likely to choose healthier foods, and to have better eating habits. In fact, poor eating habits are associated with eating alone.

People who eat alone are more likely to binge-eat or stress-eat compared to those who eat with others. On the flip-side, eating with others promotes beneficial neurochemicals, and also helps aid in digestion. When you eat with others, you tend to relax more, which helps stimulate the Parasympathetic Nervous System.

Together, the result is that you will digest better, and feel better both emotionally and physically when you eat with others. This is common sense. When you gather together with friends and family, you tend to feel better than when you eat alone. You’re laughing and chatting about life, while also eating foods you enjoy.

The Mediterranean diet is not just food, it’s a lifestyle. Eating whole foods and eating them with others will benefit you in every area of your life, from your most intimate relationships to how long you live.

If you’re new to the Mediterranean diet and want to try it out, consider stopping by Aladdin with your family or friends. By choosing Mediterranean as your food of choice, you’ll be not only choosing food that will benefit your body and mind, but also choosing the Mediterranean lifestyle as well by eating together.

Fast pace living has its benefits, but when it comes down to food it is better to slow down, and enjoy the precious time we have together with our friends and family.

Living the Mediterranean Lifestyle