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Mediterranean Foods as a Vegan Lifestyle

Is it possible to live a healthy Vegan lifestyle and still maintain your love of Middle Eastern food? According to the Harvard School of Public Health, it is definitely possible. This prestigious organization has conducted numerous studies to support the fact that vegan and vegetarian food contributes to a healthy diet. Within their findings, they discovered that many Mediterranean people in the 1960’s had very low documentation of chronic illnesses. The people of Greece and Italy are proof that there are health benefits in eating Middle Eastern or Mediterranean food.

The challenge is, finding a restaurant that is capable of doing so while maintaining quality, authenticity, and taste. For those us with sophisticated palates, this is very important. Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant is, by far, the best you will get when it comes to meeting both worlds. You are encountered with an authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, healthy and organic ingredients, and the perfect mixture of whole grains and vegetables to provide you with delicious foods to compliment your Vegan lifestyle. This restaurant provides the always fresh ingredients and foods that are significant sources of essential proteins and nutrients, using traditional herbs, spices, and vegetables.

Each menu item, at this San Diego based gem of a cuisine, is creatively prepared fresh. They use all of the traditional ingredients of authentic Mediterranean foods such as, wheat, garlic, nuts, olive oil, beans, and grapes. They have mastered the art of catering to its public with a unique form of authentic taste. This may be attributed to their popularity in providing some of the industry’s favorites to its customers whether they are walk-in or from a corporate catering event. Aladdin Restaurant has mastered the art of providing fine Mediterranean cuisine.

An international favorite is Baba Ghanouj, which Aladdin prepares perfectly each time. Baba Ghanouj is a traditional vegetable only dish that is often served in several countries. Aladdin makes it perfectly with their own creative touch. The popular menu item consists of baked eggplant, parsley, fresh garlic, lemons, onions, tomatoes, and of course olive oil. It also has Tahini, which is a creamy delicious condiment made from toasted, ground, and hulled sesame seeds. This delicious menu item is reasonably priced and offers the option of half or full size orders.

Another favorite Vegetarian dish that Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant is famous for is, Dolma. Dolma is a dish that consists of stuffed grape leaves. These delightful little favorites are a considered one of the Vegan population’s most sought after dish. It is made from all natural ingredients of a seasoned semi spicy combination of rice, chopped tomatoes, chopped onions, parsley, and traditional Middle Eastern spices. This delicious mixture is then rolled in beautifully prepared grape leaves and steamed. They are topped and served with Aladdin’s specially made zesty lemon sauce.