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Middle Eastern Foods: Which One Is Your Favorite?

Rich, aromatic and healthy – these are three words that best describes your favorite Middle Eastern Foods. It is not wonder why a lot of people all over the world have fallen in love with Middle Eastern dishes. In a matter of months, the demand for cuisines from this part of the world has skyrocketed and for very good reasons.

Which among the numerous Middle Eastern Foods is your favorite?

  • Would you go for the rustic yet simple dishes like the m’jadarrah, also known as the lentil stew? Though referred to as the poor man’s stew, this dish is prepared with slow cooked lentils with caramelized onions with a zesty cabbage side dish.
  • How would you love to get a taste of the Kkshik? This porridge is made of fermented yogurt. The burghul is sun-dried for seven days or more before it is ground into really fine powder. This popular dish is soothing to the soul. Though it is not that popular and its taste may not be something you like in the beginning, you’d learn to love it once you have acquired its taste.
  • Hummus is the chickpea spread that can be best with bakes potatoes or with a piece of the traditional pita bread. Most old people would prefer the mixture that comes with more garlic.
  • The Manakeesh is the pizza of the Middle East. This round bread is filled with ground meat, cheese and zaatar. It has become the perfect dish for breakfast or lunch foods.
  • Grilled Halloumi are mini slabs of goat or sheep milk. Unlike the other type of cheeses that you enjoy, these went through the all-natural process, without the use of bacteria or acid in its preparation.

Which of these have you tried? Not only are they deliciously tempting, but they are usually made from fresh, wholesome ingredients that you do not have to worry about your diet. Whenever you are in San Diego, don’t forget to drop by Aladdin Café to get a taste of these and other deliciously healthy Middle Eastern dishes.