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Tahini Sauce – Gift from the Mediterranean World

Any discussion on Mediterranean food is incomplete without the rich and creamy Tahini sauce. Irrespective of whether you love it with a piece of grilled meat or hot pita bread, Tahini sauce has great significance when it comes to healthy Mediterranean food.
What’s Tahini Sauce made from?

Well, all authentic restaurants, serving Mediterranean food, in San Diego will include Tahini sauce in their menu. Thus, you can’t really skip this must-have Mediterranean sauce if you want to enjoy your Kofta, kebabs or any other grilled delicacy.

Tahini sauce is made from a wholesome mixture of sesame paste, garlic, cumin, water, and lemon juice. The best thing is that you can change the texture of this sauce by adjusting the water content as per your liking. If you love the creamy texture of the Tahini sauce when it’s served as a dip or simply drizzled on grilled vegetables, salads, and grilled meat then you’re a true fan of this unique delicacy.

Apart from a mouth-watering taste, Tahini sauce is a healthy alternative to other sauces or dips. Mediterranean food is extremely healthy and Tahini sauce is no different. Let us find out about its numerous health benefits:

Why Tahini should feature in your daily diet?
This protein-rich creamy paste should feature permanently in your daily diet because even a spoonful of it can do wonders to your body. Tahini sauce has higher protein content than milk or nuts so even a dessertspoonful of it can make up for your body’s daily protein requirement.
Tahini sauce contains just the right amount of vitamin B, which boosts your brain function and provides it with energy to slog for longer hours. Vitamin E found in Tahini sauce can offer protection against stroke and heart disease. It even contains essential micronutrients like iron, calcium and magnesium.

Tahini sauce made from skinned seeds is often considered healthier because many people believe that husk is nutrient-rich. However, hulled or skinned sesame seed paste tastes bitter and stronger than it’s unhulled counterpart. Skinned or otherwise, Tahini sauce in all its forms is a tastier and healthier alternative to other dips or sauces.

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