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The Mediterranean Diet – The Key to Longevity

On Ikaria island, located in Greece, living to 100 or more is considered normal. The astounding longevity of Ikarians is so consistent, scientists come from all over the world to study what they eat and do each day to achieve such consistent longevity across the population.

Exercise, a mid-day nap, and strong family ties all have their role to play, but another essential part of their long lifespan comes from the food—a Mediterranean diet.

Mediterranean foods include lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, lean meats, and olive oil. This tasty and heart healthy diet has come out on top as one of the best diets to lower cholesterol levels and lose weight, all without having to restrict calories. Greek food has hundreds of different dishes encompassed in it, with a full range of different flavors to go with it.

The tastes range from a simple bowl of hummus, to richly seasoned dolma, to plump and satisfying falafel. No matter where you look on a typical Mediterranean menu, you can expect to find great flavor leaving you full and satisfied.

Typically when we think of a diet, we think of going without. Diets typically restrict calories, food groups, or even complete macro nutrients. They eventually fail to help with losing weight or improving health because the person dieting gets tired of feeling hungry and miserable.

Keeping to a Mediterranean diet is easier because the food is tasty, there’s a huge variety, and it doesn’t reject fats—a critical macro nutrient to help you feel satisfied. Best of all, this diet can be adjusted to be vegetarian or even vegan, without compromising on flavor.

With rising concern over climate change and how factory farming could be a major cause of it, the Mediterranean diet also offers ecoconscious people a tasty way to eat that is soft on the planet. Thanks to the plant-based nature of the food, you can eat your fill of spicy, flavorful dishes without feeling guilty of what the future cost of your food may be.

Eating fresh, local foods in their season is a great way to slash your carbon footprint, and it can only benefit your health. The Ikarians know how important enjoying healthy delicious foods are, and their spectacular longevity is proof of how great Mediterranean food can be great for your health.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mediterranean food and experiencing the rich flavors for yourself, stop by our Aladdin Mediterranean restaurant in San Diego and try the food for yourself. No calorie counting, no carb cutting, just great food and great health.

If you want to live a long healthy life, one of the key ways to make those changes is to take a look at your diet. A Mediterranean diet isn’t the only healthy choice out there, but it is certainly one of the tastiest. When you tuck into a chopped chicken salad or some delicious hummus, you can marvel that no matter what choice you make, it will be a healthy one.