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Aladdin’s Cafe is Re-opening!

Governor Newsom is reopening the economy in four stages, and moved the state into phase two this month. The goal is to reopen the economy in a way that is safe for everybody. During this phase, you are once again allowed to dine-in at restaurants in regions where it has been deemed safe.


San Diego has been cleared for phase two, which means that you can now visit Aladdin’s Cafe in person. This is very exciting news, and we are glad to welcome you back! There will however, be a few changes to help continue to keep people safe during Covid-19. These are the current restrictions:


  • You may experience longer wait times
    Everyone is eager to get back to life as we used to know it. That means a lot of people visiting restaurants to enjoy new scenery and the same great flavors. Due to social distancing requirements however, the capacity of the restaurant has been greatly reduced. That means it may take longer to get seated.Right now 50% capacity is the recommended amount, so expect the restaurant to be a little emptier as you enjoy your meal.
  • You’ll need to observe social distancing
    Lines may need to be more spread out, and you may not be able to be inside the building while waiting for your turn to be seated. Social distancing guidelines recommend at least six feet apart at all times, including while waiting.
  • More disinfecting required
    To help limit the spread of the virus, deeper and more frequent cleaning is happening. While we will try not to let this cause delays in your service, it’s possible that this may happen as we try to adjust to our new normal.
  • Outdoor seating
    It’s much harder for the novel coronavirus to spread in an outdoor environment. That means patio-dining is the safest possible form of dine-in, because there is more air to breathe and fewer particles getting trapped in the same place.Because of this we offer patio seating to help cut your risk of contracting or spreading the virus.
  • At Risk Groups
    If you are 60+ or have a compromised immune system it may be best to avoid dine-in for your health. We still offer carry out and delivery for those who need or want them. Our number one goal is safety.While we can’t wait to see your face here at Aladdin’s, we also want to protect those who are in need. Please consider your own health before choosing to dine at Aladdin’s or not.
  • Fever? Cough?
    If you are running a fever or have any symptoms of coronavirus, the best practice is to stay home. Please help us keep everyone safe by staying home if you are unwell.


We’re excited to see our customers again face to face, and to bring you healthy, delicious food to eat. There’s nothing like sitting down with friends and family to a beautiful meal, and it has always been our goal to do just that.