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3 Flavorful Dishes Our Customers Love

At Aladdin Cafe, it’s common to have difficulty choosing a meal to eat. After all, all of our dishes use only premium quality fresh ingredients for recipes crafted by the top chefs in San Diego, with each meal igniting your palette thanks to our bold flavors. To make your meal choice a bit easier the next time you stop in for a bite, check out these three flavorful dishes that our customers can’t stop raving about.

1. Aladdin’s Pizza

It’s safe to say you haven’t experienced real pizza until you’ve tried Aladdin’s Pizza. Our signature pizza starts with our homemade dough that we lather in a sauce that includes over 12 flavor profiles. Our sauce features a blend of herbs and spices that include thyme, oregano, sesame seeds and a helping of extra virgin oil. We finish off this artisan pizza with a topping of fresh Roma tomatoes and some feta cheese. The result is a scrumptious pizza that has a satisfying crunch while also melting in your mouth. If you’re looking for an extra boost of flavor, add some marinated chicken or beef pepperoni. Whether it’s for a table of one or an entire family, Aladdin’s Pizza will leave your whole party with a full belly and a warm smile.

2. Lamb Shawerma

Shawerma finally hit the big time in 2012 thanks to a hilarious post-credits scene in Disney’s “The Avengers.” Whether you’ve been wanting to try shawarma since seeing that scene in the theaters or you’re just looking for a delicious piece of meat, our lamb shawarma is one of the best. The star of this dish is the marinated strips of lamb and beef, grilled to perfection on a vertical spit. We serve our shawarma with an array of sides that compliment the meat, including our homemade tahini sauce. Alongside the tahini sauce is a side of hummus, a delicious mixture made of garbanzo beans, tahini sauce, fresh garlic, lemon and olive oil. We top off the meal with a plate of Lebanese salad along with a delicious slice of piping hot pita bread fresh from our oven. Not to mention lamb shawarma calories are low and healthy.

3. Koufta Kabob

With two skewers of mouth-watering food with each order of the koufta kabob, this meal makes the perfect dish for a date night. However, it’s also an ideal choice for one famished customer! On each koufta kabob is a delicious tower comprised of ground beef and grilled onions which are both smothered in parsley and our signature seven spices. While these kabobs are delicious enough on their own, we also add in a generous serving of basmati rice. Basmati rice differs from your average rice thanks to its slender and long grains, which give it a unique look and texture. You’ll want to save some room for the rest of the sides that come with this meal such as hummus, tomatoes and Lebanese salad. Like the majority of our entrees at the Aladdin Cafe, you’ll also receive a fresh piece of delicious pita bread with your koufta kabob dish.