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Health Benefits of Middle Eastern Food

A diet filled with Middle Eastern food, similar to a Mediterranean diet, incorporates the flavorful foods of the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. This food is conducive with a health diet, as it keeps the body healthy by being heart healthy and staving off many chronic diseases. Middle Eastern food emphasizes the use of fish, olive oil, whole grains, legumes,...



Benefits of Middle Eastern Food for Your Next Corporate Gathering

Corporate catering menus do not always include the foods you would eat in a healthy diet. The biggest drivers of catered lunch choices are bulk pricing, easy transport and item popularity. Many companies do not consider the benefits of introducing employees to healthier menus through their catering efforts. Here are two options to consider when planning your next office meal...



Catering for Weddings and Holidays

Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant offers a customized menu for that particular most important day of your life and holiday. We are flexible to work within a broad range of budgets, circumstances and flavor profiles to deliver the best quality up to our standard. We will often work with you to realize a creation of a perfect menu at the required price. Our...



Holiday Catering

During the summer holidays, we have a range of special offers that include barbecue and oven packs for the long summer evenings. Our restaurant offers custom menus for your next holiday or social occasion, whether it’s a holiday party at your company’s office or a birthday party at your home. Our Mediterranean and Greek Menus are colorful, healthy, full-flavored and...



Event Catering

At our doors, events and groups are welcomed in our main dining room. The restaurant expanded and now has a large private room for events, parties, or corporate meetings. Full buyouts are available upon request. We are also happy to customize the excellent menu for your event and group, music and entertainment along with other floral arrangements. We also offer...